Small Groups

A great way to get connected is to join a small group. Cell groups are small groups of up to 12-14 people meeting in a home on a regular basis.  Involvement in a Cell Group encourages growth in relationships, excites our faith, and provides support.  Cell groups help answer many questions about spiritual matters.  The goal is to help each person mature in Christ.  Cell groups are open to anyone.  Nothing beats a group of friends that are there for you each week to help you stay connected and do life together.

Day Location Contact
6:15 pm
Lakeside Baptist Church Debbie Schatkowsky, 547-8460
10 am
Home of Heidi Balcuinas
Storm Bay Road
Fire Road 5A (Whitta Drive)
Joanne Norlen, 468-1369 or
Heidi Balcuinas, 548-1207

If you wish to join a group, please connect with the contact person.

Group leaders - if you are looking for Bible Study resources, check out what is available in the library.

Updated June 16, 2018